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The Marcia Teixeira ®

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

. . .  a revolutionary process that repairs damaged hair to leave it soft, shiny and frizz free for up to 4 months.

What is it?

Keratin is a type of protein high in the amino acid “Cystine.”  This special amino acid is what makes hair super tough and extremely elastic. Scientists refer to Keratin as a “Biopolymer,” due to its unique structures and interesting properties. Biopolymers are found throughout nature and give form and structure to naturally occurring substances all around the world; everything from leaves to trees, and turtle shells to goose down. Keratin is a classic example of a Biopolymer and it is the main structure building protein in our hair and nails.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment ™ is:

Universal - It can be used on dyed or    

    highlighted hair. In fact, it can be used on  

    any type of hair.

  1. Gentle - It is NOT meant to be permanent  

    and it DOES NOT require neutralizer or

    immediate rinse.

    It requires redoing approximately every 3 to

    4 months and blends with the natural

    growth of hair.

Healthy - It penetrates the hair repairing

    internal damage and coats the hair

    preventing further damage. The results are